madcap ontic: twilight

February 14th, 2008  |  Published in Beat-driven, FAWM, madcap ontic


  • Title: twilight
  • Artist: madcap ontic
  • Time: 3:47
  • Download: MP3 link
  • Rights: composition and performance ©2008 Will Benton; all rights reserved

Gear used

  • Logic Studio
  • Zebra 2
  • Guru
  • Kontakt

Liner notes

For FAWM 2008. This is a demo of another dubstep-influenced passacaglia. (I will be refining the arrangement and mix in the future.) I like the overall structure and pacing of this one; I really like the way the South Asian flute samples fit in. I’m not as happy with the way the sub sits in the mix.

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