Sunrise, Caye Caulker, 12/21/15

March 17th, 2016  |  Published in Uncategorized


  • Title: Sunrise, Caye Caulker, 12/21/15
  • Artist: William Afham
  • Download: MP3 link
  • Rights: composition and performance ©2016 Will Benton; all rights reserved

With only one exception, all of the rhythmic and melodic material in this composition is taken from a field recording of waves and gulls I made while watching the sun rise over Caye Caulker in Belize last December. I listened for interesting parts of the source material, decided on a compromise tempo so that I could work in measures, and cut the interesting sections into loops of between three and sixteen beats. I filtered each loop to extract different timbres and added spatial and ambient effects on return buses. As my arrangement took shape, I cut and rearranged the arrythmic source material in places to enable gradual transitions between breathing, natural rhythms and more mechanical, precise ones.

This composition was a response to Disquiet Junto Project 220, “make overtly rhythmic music from short loops of overtly arrhythmic source audio.” (I also made a photograph for this assignment!)

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