William Afham: paralipsis

February 7th, 2006  |  Published in 2006, Ambient, William Afham


  • Title: paralipsis
  • Artist: William Afham
  • Time: 3:55
  • Download: MP3 link
  • Rights: composition and performance ©2006 Will Benton; all rights reserved

Gear used

  • Logic 7
  • iZotope Trash, Ozone
  • NI Battery 2
  • u-he FilterscapeVA, Filterscape
  • Wave Arts MasterVerb, TrackPlug

Liner notes

Written for FAWM 2006. This one is substantially grittier than previous efforts and uses a lot of weird synthetic percussion. The lengths of percussive sections are taken from the Fibonacci sequence: 1n bars, 1n bars, 2n bars, 3n bars, 5n bars, etc. You may be able to hear the entry of the initial percussive motive at the beginning of each section. (This formal conceit breaks down about halfway through.)

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